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Rebecca T. Clark 

Witty Kids (links)

Author, speaker and entrepreneur created Witty Kids to encourage creativity and diverse literacy. Witty Kids is a movement that will encourage creativity and diversity in writing. We believe children can be as clever, creative and unique as they want to be. 


As a creative, she understands the influence for the next generation and the power of encouragement. Her inspiration comes from her children and her childhood creativity. 


Ms. Clark is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, where she earned her B. S in Business Technology and Master of Arts in Communications from Lindenwood University. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling  and community engagement.  


Rebecca is passionate about youth literacy and inspiring creative aspirations. With her ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, Clark continues to impact the community she grew up in. From hosting book signings, working with St. Louis Public Schools, hosting youth engagement workshops, numerous speaking events, as well as mentoring youth groups, her contributions have become valuable within the community. Speaking on nationally recognized platforms, such as WE Day and Tedx, Rebecca continues to build her brand as being recognized as a creative influencer.  


Ms. Clark is always open to connecting with authors, families and entrepreneurs. I am always seeking networking opportunitiespartnerships and collaborations.

Witty Kids - "Witty" spells out When Imagination Talks to You 

Anything you want to achieve you start by dreaming and exploring the imagination. We believe we are all artist and creatives of our own story. Witty Kids provides children's books that give life to the imagination and exploring endless possibilities. As readers, we  instantly form an image of the text we are reading. As a children's book author, my passion is to encourage the reader to dream and visualize your own story.

The motto of Witty Kids is "When Imagination Talks to You, get creative and go on reading adventures to explore". 

Our Work

We offer book readings and MORE! Contact us for collaborations and partnerships to ensure books and creative inspiration are placed in classrooms, after school programs and organizations that empower communities.

Check out our merch shop which includes Witty Kids Books, T-shirts, tote bags and journals.

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Photographer: Mena Darre

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